How To Choose The Right Portable Restrooms For Your Office Event

If your office is hosting a day-long outdoor event, don't forget to think about the availability of restrooms. If your event is at a park, there may be restroom facilities available, but if it is on private property or in a remote area, then you'll need to rent portable restrooms. Here are some tips for deciding on the type of restrooms you may want to rent. If You Just Want The Basics

Grease Trap Care & Maintenance: FAQs

As the owner of a restaurant or food establishment, you can have a lot of grease going down the drain with the foods that are prepared and the dishes that are cleaned. Installing a grease trap is the easiest way to avoid problems with backed-up drainage lines and major clogs that could disrupt your daily operations. However, important though a grease trap may be, it is also something that will have to be maintained.

Own Rental Property? Three Situations Where You Could Use Dumpsters

If you currently have rental property, it is a good idea to know about dumpster rental companies in your area. It can be useful to have one for your rental property in the following situations. Creating Easy Trash Disposal For Tenants You may be in a situation where there is no local trash collection for your tenants. This could be due to owning a rental building in a city that is unincorporated and doesn't provide trash removal service, or a smaller city that has you take the trash to a nearby facility.

3 Pivotal Maintenance Tips For Homeowners With Septic Tanks

If you live out in the country, your home probably has a septic tank where waste and water are disposed of. Although this is hidden under the ground, you still need to take good care of it in the following ways.  Monitor Toilet Flushing  You can't really get away with flushing whatever you want down a toilet that's connected to a septic tank. The wrong items will actually cause problems for your tank, such as overflowing and chemical imbalances that result in poor functioning.

5 Reasons You Should Have Your Underground Oil Tank Removed Before Listing

Many buyers become hesitant when they learn a property has an underground oil tank. Even if you're certain the tank is sound and not leaking, you may still want to consider removing it. Here are a few reasons why removing the tank can make more sense for sellers. 1. Underground Oil Tanks Require Constant Maintenance A buyer will balk at the sheer amount of work required to maintain an underground oil tank.